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I have always been an artist. Honestly I never would've dreamed I would be a model. It was mostly accidental as to how I got into this business. I feel so fortunate because It satisfies my right brain

I have over 15 years of experience as a professional freelance traveling model. Luckily I have had the pleasure of working with wonderful creatives. I have accrued many tear sheets and publications such as Playboy and Wired Magazine and many more.

I really enjoy working with photographers at every skill level. I find value in helping others as some did for me when I first started. As cliche as the phrase is "Everyone has to start somewhere." So in that same vein I can help those with less experience so they can focus more on shooting.. So please don't be shy!!!


For those professionals out there I can offer you a chance to get back to your personal work!! :) Lets shoot what YOU want to shoot!!!


My extensive wardrobe & styling is a huge part of the overall result in my images. I have a vast array of lingerie, dresses, shoes, costumes, etc available for any shoot you can dream up!!!!! 

I am extremely active on social media. I have over 100K organic followers on Instagram. Recently I am being offered more brand deals and collaborations with companies because of my followers and social media presence. 

Please go to the contact page to book your shoot! I'd love to work with you..;)

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